DQM for Vans: 101's

DQM released its Summer 16 footwear collection in collaboration with Vans Saturday, June 18th. Back to the beginning: skateboarding 101. As the sport of skateboarding was still emerging in the early 80s, its fashion was influenced by the colors and style of the times more than any specific skateboarding culture in and of itself: bright colors, bold fabrics and flashy graphics, and in NYC specifically, basketball style, tony sports culture, hip-hop style. Skateboarding in the 80s was owned by skateboarders; skateboard companies were run by skateboarders, and a feeling of youth and completely free expression permeated skateboarding fashion, there was no other marketing agenda. 

The 101’s modernize some of our favorite details and silhouettes from these times in an updated Sk8-Hi Reissue LX. Pared back to simple fabrics in classic team colors, they have a vintage sports feel characterized by 80s and 90s East Coast skateboarding. Constructed in canvas with a premium leather side stripe and heel, details include a nylon tongue facing, cotton terry cloth tongue backing, removable striped ankle strap and The Vans DQM General logos in the footbed and at the heel tab. Available in three colors: black, white and navy.

 Made exclusively for DQM and produced in a limited edition, the Sk8-Hi Reissue LX ‘101’s’ will be available in men’s and women’s sizes at The Vans DQM General in SoHo, New York as well as online on June 18th.

 Photography by Dominic Neitz and Kevin Trageser. Worn by Dustin Eggeling in the Lower East Side, New York.

Tashi Stricker