Herringbone Twill Authentic

DQM will be releasing it’s Holiday 13 footwear collection in collaboration with Vans on Friday, November 15th. Made exclusively for DQM, the ‘HBT Authentic’ collection is inspired by the Herringbone Twill (HBT) uniform introduced in World War II. Made of of 8.2-ounce heavy cotton herringbone twill cloth, the uniform consisted of an OD shirt, trousers, and a circular-billed cotton utility hat. It was initially meant to be worn over the basic wool uniform to provide protection, but soon proved to be a much better material as the primary uniform for hot weather and tropical climates.

The DQM/Vans footwear collaboration takes design cues from the WWII HBT and gives them a twist. Using a unique enzyme process created specifically for this project, we wanted to make a subtle camo using the highs and lows that the enzyme process created. The reference for the colors are Jungle, Desert and Ocean. The eyelets have a saltwater patina finish and the shoes utilize a syped bottomplate, as a nod to Vans’ nautical past, and for the functionality of the tread on wet surfaces. The shoes feature a pigskin flag label, round leather laces, The Vans DQM General logo on the insole and The General’s signature navy blue heel tab print.

Produced in a limited edition, the shoes will be available exclusively at The Vans DQM General in SoHo, New York, and The Vans DQM General on Newbury St in Boston, MA, and in the DQM online store www.dqmnewyork.com.

Photographed by Gerhard Stochl in The Rockaways, New York. Worn by Brendan Carroll and Vrn Powell.

Tashi Stricker